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Obelisk in the UK

From the greek work obeliskos, these structures are as ancient as recorded human history. Now Surefoot makes history by being a part of an Obelisk structure in the UK.

Surefoot was requested to provide the concrete free foundations for the re erection of the Hadspen Obelisk. The green oak framed and stainless steel reinforced obelisk structure was to be raised at Shatwell farm, Sommerset. Jim Blackburn of The Timber Frame Company, who originally crafted the structure was in charge of the raising, it was a pleasure to work with such a highly skilled team.

Surefoot is particulary suited to precision construction like oak framing, were pin point layout and millimetric adjustment is possible. Using four SF-150 pile caps per each column the total load capacity was met and the installation process was done in a quick way with an impressed audience!

You can read the press release here.

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