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Every project has a different requirement in terms of loading, soil capacity and layout specifications. Our design team has the experience and knowledge to help customers reach to the best alternative in foundations. Custom-made accesories can be designed to suit the requirements of special projects as well as foundation arrangements in order to achieve the required capacity of supports.


After years of developing the system, our engineering team has a vast joint experience in calculating and designing a wide range of projects using Surefoot.  We can certify complete projects accross New Zealand and provide the relevant forms of compliance. 


Our system will be installed by our trained installation teams. We have installation teams around New Zealand who can install or assist customers with the installation process of Surefoot. For any questions on the matter, please contact our office.

Surefoot system being installed by our trained installation team
Help is only a call away


If you have any question regarding the installation process or would like to get assistance on our products, our service team can help you with a step by step guidance throughout the whole process.

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