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Here at Surefoot Systems Ltd we are the only approved sub licensee to distribute and sell the genuine and warranted Surefoot footing system in New Zealand, and we have been doing so successfully since 2015.


The Surefoot product has a growing reputation as a specialist foundation product and when combined with the knowledge and customer focused solution approach of the Surefoot NZ team, it has become the foundation option of choice for multiple projects and applications.

Surefoot is an “all in one system”, where the unique shape and high strength steel combines to create a very efficient pile cap. Once the micropiles are driven and the cap secured, the opposing forces of the multi directional micropiles provides a solid, stable and economical foundation. The system is designed to increase its efficiency when resisting gravity, uplift, shear and moment loads.

Ultimately the soil structure absorbs the applied stress. Our footing system is job specific and is designed according to site soil conditions, and structural design loads etc.

Surefoot cannot be labelled as either a shallow or a deep foundation and therefore belongs to a new "hybrid" type of footing. 


To offer a better, faster and easier alternative through an innovative, environmentally friendly footing system.


To become the best alternative in foundations worldwide.


Nicknamed the” metal tree stump”, Surefoot is best described and compared to a trees’ root system. Surefoot spreads its foundation over a greater surface area, achieving larger load capacities faster and more cost effectively!

The system is installed via steel tubular micropiles driven into the ground by a simple jackhammer and attachment tool that can be purchased at major tool outlets.


Surefoots’ engineering principles are based on piling technology using a combination of skin friction and bearing. Because it is a non-displacement pile, the system can be used in any penetrable soil-sands, silts, clays, small gravels and even rock, along with all wind categories.


Installation times range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on which size Surefoot you are using. Then the unique system is adjustable for both plumb and level after the pilecap installed.  Surefoot has instant bearing capacity in every direction so your works can continue that same day.


Footings keep evolving to take advantage of additional means of withstanding loads, analysis of such technologies need to be developed as well in order to comprehend their advantages and applications. Our system is engineered to Australian / New Zealand Standards and is Building Code of New Zealand compliant with load capacities up to 360kN (36 tonne). Surefoot's hybrid system can handle large bending moment loads which means that it can be used for just about any application.


Close coordination with the design team during installation ensures a trouble free installation. Frequent review of job progress avoids problems and confirms that all piles are driven as intended and adequate for the project requirements. Questionable piles can be evaluated and taken care of in timely manner to avoid unnecessary impact on overall progress.


Unanticipated site condition problems can be solved through open and forthright communication between all parties concerned 

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